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  • Sony Xperia 1 II 5G Dual-SIM XQ-AT52
  • Awesome replacement for my old XZ1
  • by Dustin E. / 7/08/2020
  • I was skeptical on buying from this store at first, but hey, they did deliver! I just had to pay an additional 8K PHP for duties and fees upon delivery, but it still ended up being cheaper than ordering from the US/UK. Plus, the US only offers the non-5G version. Expansys shipped the phone after 5 working days, and unfortunately got stuck in our country's customs office for 2 weeks. Comparing my old phone to this one, it is a worthy upgrade. The 16mm/24mm lenses are sharp, but I can't say the same for the telephoto (70mm). The PRO apps for photo and video is pretty robust and is comparable to the controls of a DSLR or mirrorless camera, though it doesn't have aperture controls. Speakers are noticeably louder than the meek XZ1's, and the 3.5mm jack is still there. The QI wireless charging was a welcome bonus (upto 11W based on the specsheet). UI has always been kept clean by Sony - almost like vanilla. The store is legit, and the phone is rock solid. Overall, I love this phone.
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  • Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite Dual-SIM SM-N770F/DS
  • Not dissapointed
  • by Bruce M / 4/08/2020
  • This is all I need in a phone. WAAAY better than my Note5. Pros: flat screen and it comes with the screen protector already installed :) Face recognition works well, fingerprint reader not so much. Cameras are great - especially the presets of macro, standard and an ultra wide. The FM radio actually works! It's there so dig till you find it! (although needs headphones for the antenna, but can be played on speaker) and sound is good. Phone coverage is good (I'm on LTE in NZ and set to automatically choose 2G/3G/4G) Cons: Occasionally the pen does not detect, but a restart appears to have fixed that. THERE IS NO NFC CHARGING contrary to what I researched.. unless my genuine Samsung charger is not compatible - which I doubt! Or possibly the provided rear skin case is too thick.. There is NO genuine Samsung flip case of any type. Very disappointing.
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