HTC VIVE FLOW VR Gaming Headset 4GB/64GB


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Key features:

  • CPU: Qualcomm's Snapdragon XR1 processor
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Storage: 64GB
Brand: HTC / SKU: 368969 / Mfr: AP_HTC_VIVE_FLOW / EAN:

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HTC VIVE FLOW VR Gaming Headset Description

HTC Vive Flow is very light, and its frame can be folded like standard glasses: this way it can be placed in an elegant thermos-shaped shell and can be flexibly carried anywhere.

Immersive VR glasses tailored to improve the health of life and mind and work productivity. VIVE Flow's smart and lightweight appearance makes people take it with them all the time.

Wearing VIVE Flow, lying on the bed and meditating in the VR world.
A new experience of tranquility Along with the joy in the heart, explore freely and quietly, watching, feeling and having fun carefully.

It's a perfect match for mobile phones
Quickly pair your mobile phone with Bluetooth and step into the exclusive VR world you are looking forward to. Tranquility is just a stone’s throw away.
*VIVE Flow needs to be connected to an independent power source.

Grasp the focus
According to the player's vision, adjust the refractive lens to easily find the best focus.

Comfortable fit
The patented dynamic balance dual-axis design is not only easy to wear, but also ensures the comfort and stability of different head shapes and sizes.

Settle your mind and upgrade efficiency. VIVE Flow combined with VIVE Sync can instantly transform the surrounding environment into an undisturbed Lo-Fi VR workspace.

Take it with you The lightweight, portable and foldable VIVE Flow will be your perfect partner for an immersive VR experience on the go

Cool and lightweight
With a non-sense weight of only 189 grams, it is comfortable to wear and enjoy an immersive experience.

Rock and roll in the comfort of your home, as if you are in a VR concert, and unleash the vitality of audiovisual entertainment.

The dynamic performance is still very clear
VIVE Flow unparalleled image performance, built-in up to 100 degrees wide field of view, clear 3.2K resolution and smooth 75Hz screen refresh rate.

You can hear and speak in your ears
The built-in top-level speakers bring you crisp and immersive spatial sound effects. The microphone supports noise reduction and echo cancellation, allowing you to communicate clearly and uninterrupted.

My exclusive entertainment Explore unprecedented stress relief and self-healing in the virtual reality world.

Seamless synchronization of mobile content
With Miracast™ technology, the mobile application can be put on the exclusive large screen in VIVE Flow, and it can also be synchronized with the outside world.
*The content needs to support compatibility

Cool and comfortable
The built-in active cooling system can quickly dissipate heat, which is as burdenless as wearing everyday glasses.

Farewell to eye fatigue
Want to use it at bedtime? No problem, activate the blue light filter function to protect your eyes

Shipping Weight: 0.50kg

Technical Details

  • CPU: Qualcomm's Snapdragon XR1 processor
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Storage: 64GB
  • Visual Field: 100 degrees maximum
  • Display Refresh rate: 75Hz
  • Weight: 189g
  • Connectivity: USB-C, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0

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