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Key features:

  • SCREEN: 1024×600 7" LCD (169.5ppi)
  • OS: Cast platform with Google Smart Display software
  • CPU: AMLogic S905D2 (Four Cortex A53 cores)
Brand: Google / SKU: 314406 / Mfr: AP_google_homehub_chalk / EAN: 842776107299

Google Home Hub Description

Enjoy interactive streaming with this Google Home Hub. With the built-in Google Assistant, you can view your calendar, receive alerts and reminders, and control devices from the single dashboard, and voice control lets you access other smart features. This Google Home Hub lets you listen to music from Spotify and Pandora and view YouTube content. Comes with YouTube Premium - free for 14 days With YouTube Premium, you can enjoy YouTube and YouTube Music ad-free, plus access to YouTube Originals. After your first 14 days, you'll have the opportunity to extend your free trial for an additional 6 months.* Help at a glance Google Home Hub helps you make the most of moments at home. Command your day With Voice Match, get your calendar, commute, reminders, and more right on the home screen. You can even watch the news, make a shopping list, and place calls to friends, family, and local businesses.¹ Simplify your smart home Voice control compatible lights, cameras, TVs, and more from a single dashboard. Works with Nest and 5000+ smart devices from 400+ popular brands. 7-inch touch screen View more information and content at a glance, clear and crisp. Answers for any moment Ask questions and get visual, immersive answers from Google on weather, recipes, local business information, and more. You can even watch helpful videos from YouTube. Play your favorite songs Use your voice to play your favorite songs, albums, artists, and music videos from YouTube Music. You can also listen to Spotify and Pandora. All available free. Relive your memories Use your voice to show any picture you've ever taken in Google Photos. And with Live Albums, always view the latest photos of loved ones.

Shipping Weight: 0.99kg

Technical Details

  • SCREEN: 1024×600 7" LCD (169.5ppi)
  • OS: Cast platform with Google Smart Display software
  • CPU: AMLogic S905D2 (Four Cortex A53 cores)
  • NETWORKING: 802.11b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0
  • PORTS: Dc power, Micro USB
  • SIZE: 67.3 x 178.5 x 118 mm (2.65 x 7.02 x 4.65 in)
  • WEIGHT: 480g (16.9oz)

Google Home Hub Reviews

  • Google Home Hub
  • by / 17 Februari 2021
  • Good
  • Google home hub
  • by YH / 08 Disember 2020
  • Good working product. Come together with complete box and accessories
  • 홈미니보다는 낫다... 홈미니보다는....
  • by / 08 Disember 2020
  • 구글홈미니 '보다' 는 좋은 음질. 객관적으로는 그다지 좋지 못한 음질. 유튜브뮤직을 유튜브프리미엄 없이 이용가능. 구글 어시스턴트로 원하는 특정 곡을 재생해달라고 하기 어려움. 홈미니보다는 좋은 마이크 내장. 초음파로 인체감지 옵션을 껐음에도 불구하고 가끔 들리는 초음파. the big brother is watching you. 총평: 유튜브 프리미엄 없이 백그라운드 재생을 원하지만, 컴퓨터 혹은 노트북 브라우저 탭에서 재생을 원하기보다는 간편하게 크롬캐스팅으로 유튜브 재생을 원한다면 한개쯤은 사서 쓸만하다. 스피커 연결은 가능하지만 그 이외 확장단자가 없기 때문에 블루투스로만 연결이 가능하다. 유튜브프리미엄이 아닌 무료사용자여서 그런지 몰라도, 구글홈에서 크롬캐스트오디오 스피커와 구글홈허브를 그룹으로 묶어서 재생할 수 없었다. 구글홈미니같은 예쁜 똥보다는 낫지만 너무 많은것을 기대하지 말자. 구글은 머니머니해도 돈이고 let's be evil.
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