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Xiaomi Formovie Dice DLP 700 ANSI Portable Mini Projector – Support Forum Buy Now – RM1,984.99

Unit powers on flashes the light and turns off again [Xiaomi Formovie Dice DLP 700 ANSI Portable Mini Projector - 329833]

After recieving the unit I set it up and it was working for for around 15 minutes.  Then it suddenly shut down.  Now the power button starts it up the fan runs and then the power light flashes and the light comes on and then turns off straight away and the unit powers off.  Is there anything I can do or is it a faulty unit?

Is there a way to factory reset it maybe?

PLease contact our support team infor@expansys.com.au with your order number. Thanks

After posting the message I contacted support and they replied promptly and provided a fedex account to return the unit.  The replacement is on its way.  So far I cannot fault the supports responsivness.