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Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Lte - eSim Card [Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 44mm - 381901]

  • CH Fooh
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Is there a Sim Card slot in the watch? Or I have to install some kind of e-Sim? or Has this been pre-installed? My preferred carrier is Maxis or Digi in Malaysia. Can this work in Malaysia?

  • Expansys_HK Staff
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it's with eSIM

  • CH Fooh
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  • Join Date: 1 February 2018

Can this work with Maxis Network of Malaysia?

  • roy.cho Staff
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Please check which network band  Maxis Network use.

If phone support that network band, phone may works.


Thank you.

  • jerry4
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Yes, most smartwatches have a SIM card slot because I also had a smart watch and there was a sim card slot in that.

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This watch really exemplifies the mantra of Samsung lately, cram as many features as possible even though half barely work.

They've been dropping the ball in terms of accuracy of health features for a long time, but its only now they are getting exposed hard by Quantified Scientist. Before QS almost all mainstream watch reviews were extremely superficial and just talked the PR spiel that Samsung wanted reviewers to talk, only DC Rainmaker did thorough analysis but mostly on the sports side, but nothing compared to QS in terms of health features.

I ordered a cell phone before 21 days and i received nothing and you dont reply emails !!!!

  • CH Fooh
  • Posts: 31
  • Join Date: 1 February 2018

I ordered the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro LTE since 13 April, 2023 and although promised by Expansys on 4 May to send it after 10 May, 2023, I still have not received any notification after my email reminder. Why?