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pixel 6 pro TAIWAN vs AUSTRALIA vs US vs JAPAN version [Google Pixel 6 5G Dual SIM - 363178]

  • lmt
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i see there are different versions

US Google Pixel 6 Pro US) G8V0U)


JAPAN Google Pixel 6 Pro Japan) GF5KQ)


wonder what are the main differences in version, is it the hspd or the LTE that is different maybe the chipset? i have tried researching to see which one works perfectly with CMHK carrier 

any help will be useful 

  • Matbar
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one thing to note is that in Japanese version you can't turn off the camera shutter sound.

  • lmt
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so all the versions are the same connectivity and band 5g 4g 3g)??? there is another version that i searched Google Pixel 6 Pro GLU0G) can be used in hong kong?