Cheertone CT-T041 Games Console and 2 Controllers


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Condition: New!

Brand: Cheertone / SKU: 315361 / Mfr: AP_CT-T041 / EAN:

Cheertone CT-T041 Games Console and 2 Controllers Description

1.Item type: Classic Game Console

2.Game Console: 8-bit/16 bit, not support game cards

3. 8 bit Games list: TV-out model(Built-in 400/500 games); HDMI model(Built-in 821 games)

4. 16bit Game list: TV-out model(Only Cartridge games:167/118/99/88 in 1) 

5.TV Video Games

6.TV signal system: NTSC/PAL

7.TV status: HDMI/AV output

8.Controller: Dual wired controller

9.Package included :1* Game console,
2* Joysticks,
1*HDMI/AV cable,

Product size:14.3*11.5*5.5cm

Total weight: 0.63kg

Package size:22*16.7*7.5cm

20 sets/carton,weight: 13KG

carton size:47.5*41*35.5cm

Shipping Weight: 1.80kg

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