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Sony Xperia XA1 Dual SIM

Sony Xperia XA1 Dual G3116 is a Breath of Fresh Air that Changes Everything

In an oversaturated market of metal and glass smartphone models, Sony has brought its Sony Xperia XA! Dual G3116 as a real contender to defy the established rules. In short, it is a breath of fresh air that changes everything. Despite being a part of Sony's mid-range smartphone models, Sony Xperia XA1 Dual G3116 aims to deliver something more refreshing to its users. While Sony Xperia XZs represents Sony's flagship offering in its current top-of-the-line inventory, one should not underestimate how Sony Xperia XA1 Dual G3116 can hold its own.

Dare to Be Different

At first glance, Sony Xperia XA1 Dual G3116 seems out of place with its good old polycarbonate block. Although the current trend emphasizes bezel minimalism these days, Sony has been brave enough to push its own signature style. In fact, it manages to exude its own majesty due to its pleasantly elegant and distinct. Since its 5 inch is framed between big top and bottom bezel areas, this arrangement actually makes it taller than it looks.

Despite its all-plastic construction, it still does not change the fact that Sony Xperia XA1 Dual G3116 is solid and not as fragile as it looks. Yet, it is narrow enough for you to use it comfortably with just one hand. The metal home key of Sony is also strategically-placed so that you can feel and press without even having to look at it. As usual, there is a dedicated camera key for a quick snap. Like its name, Sony Xperia XA1 Dual G3116 supports microSIM that gives the flexibility and freedom of using two SIM cards. If Sony wants to create a more intuitive interaction with its Sony Xperia XA1, it has succeeded spectacularly.  

Sharper Display Quality

To be honest, Sony Xperia XA1's 720 x 1280 resolution has nothing to wow about. However, its HD display screen is something worth talking about. It manages to excel in terms of color balance and outdoor visibility; these two qualities are somewhat lacking in most smartphones. At the same time, this HD screen works best at this diagonal because you can save a lot of power.  

Exhilarating Performance with Powerful Octa-Core Processor

On paper, its octa-core MediaTek Helio P20 processor may cast some doubts about its performance. However, it will surprise you because it is clocked at 4x 2.3GHz and 4 x 1.6Ghz. You can compare its power with Qualcomm Snapdragon 625. Since it made with a 16nm process, it also emphasizes the essentials of frugality. Sony Xperia XA1 comes with 3GB of RAM that should be more than enough to handle any given challenges without noticeable hiccups. Sony Xperia XA1 also brings something to make your experience an exhilarating one.

Thanks to its Qnovo Adaptive Charging feature, it will monitor battery health and adjust charging current accordingly. If you battery hits low, you can trust Stamina mode to disable certain functions to preserve battery power. While it houses the humble 2300mAh battery, it is designed to ensure a long-lasting performance. Fascinatingly, it learns your charging patterns and adapts to them. As a result, you can even enjoy up to to twice the battery lifespan.

Simple & Steady Interface

When it comes to its interface, Sony Xperia XA1 boasts Android 7.0 Nougat with Sony UX on top. This combination adds a lot of value because you can enjoy the common apps from Google with Sony's own unique twist. These twists include plenty of options for theme and extra personalization. Sony also incorporates its signature Sketch and Movie Creator apps that present incredible video and image editing abilities. In short, it is simple, steady, and fluid experience as you navigate around with Sony Xperia XA1.

Superior 23MP Exmor RS Camera Sensor

When you talk about Sony, you will be familiar with its good track record with its smartphone camera technology. The biggest selling point about Sony Xperia XA1 is its 23MP rear camera with predictive hybrid autofocus. Its Exmor RS camera sensor enables you to get brighter photos even in low-light condition. With its 24mm-wide angle rear lens, you can fit every subject you need in one photo. If you have smaller subject, you can get five times close with its highly versatile 5x Clear Image Zoom.

As for its 8MP front camera, it offers equally impressive photo quality as well. Its 23mm-wide angle lens allows your front camera to capture all the action you want. This means that you can always enjoy a great wefie experience with Sony Xperia XA1. Overall, you can expect its rear and front cameras to boast sharp and vivid photo qualities.


As mentioned earlier, Sony Xperia XA1 Dual G3116 is a well-built mid-ranger model. Although it does not enjoy the benefits of higher-end features such as fingerprint sensor and water-resistant, its attractive price should sway you into making the best decision of your life. Geared to cater to needs of younger generation, Sony Xperia XA1 Dual G3116 brings impressive features at a modest price.



Author Bio: Aaron Tam is an editorial writer from
iPrice Group.

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LG Watch Urbane – Where Luxury Design Watches Can Also Be Smart Watches

At Expansys Asia we took an unbox review of the LG urbane 3rd generation and the latest from LG Watches released since April 28th. To be honest the Smart Watch looks more like a luxury brand watch than a Smart Watch. A great feat by the LG manufactures in coming up with a better design and comfort feel; let’s take a look in detail.




Similar to its sibling LG G Watch R, LG Watch Urbane has a round body with 1.3 inch / 320x320 (~245 ppi) P-OLED circle display. Equipped with 410mAh battery, the watch will be functioning for the whole day at normal usage. The watch also comes with Snapdragon 400 processor with 1.2 GHz Quad-Core Cortax A7, 512 RAM and 4GB internal memory. It uses a 9-axis combination sensor of Gyro, Accelerometer and Compass. The watch also includes a 4.0 Bluetooth Low energy efficiency.


LG Watch Urbane is the first full metal body smart watch introduced by LG. With its classy and cleaner outlook, Urbane can be the best looking and most fashionable smart watch gear arguably. Available in two colours – Gold with brown leather band and Silver with black leather band, the Urbane would satisfy and suit most of its consumers with different preferences. Instead of Yellow Gold, Urbane uses Rose Gold


With the stitched leather band, the Urbane give a feel of high-end fashion item. The body of the watch is quite big though, especially for those consumers with a smaller wrist, but this is all you can choose as all Android Wear gears are with this “standard” size.



For internal spec, the Urbane is the first smart watch which runs the Android Wear 5.1.1, said to be more user friendly and functional with the hands-free gestures and other update features:

-       Flicking your wrist can scroll up and down through your Google Now cards, more convenient when your other hand is occupied.

-       With a tap or swipe to the left can now access the app list and contact list, instead of searching the app or using voice control.

-       Ability of WIFI connection leave Urbane operates on its own. Even if the smartphone is not around, with connection to the WIFI, Urbane can still receive all notifications whenever the smart phone is connected to data network.

-       With the Always-on display, the screen will turn into mono-tone when the Urbane is in stand-by mode while an app is operating. Save users’ the time to re-open the app.

-       The Draw Emoji function certainly adds functionality to the Urbane, but for those who has a “special” drawing sense would probably opt for typing.

In addition to the watch, you can connect it using Bluetooth with any of your Bluetooth enabled devices or Smartphone that runs on Andrioid.


What’s in the box? The package comes with the W150 LG Urbane, charging cradle and USDB cable, travel adapter and the manual.



Here we have identified the Pros and Cons for the LG Watch Urbane:



-       Improved stylish design with metal frame and stitched leather strap.

-       22mm leather strap is swappable with any watch band with your preference.

-       Features the latest software of Android Wear 5.1.1 which brings better user experience with updated applications.

-       Equipped with IP67 dust/water resistant and PPG heart rate sensor



-       Relatively big metal frame size which may not suit smaller wrists.

-       Does not support GPS functionality.

-       Quite an expensive smart watch compared to other Android wear in the market.


The big step forward took by LG in its smart wearable is moving to the right direction, with the evidence of the higher-end appearance and upgraded user-friendly software of the LG Watch Urbane. The LG Watch Urbane would arguably be the best smart watch in the current market. Consumers should still take note that the latest software of Android Wear 5.1.1 would possibly soon be rolling out to other smart watches, but it is always excited to get your hands on new-tech before others do.


The LG Watch Urbane is now available at EXPANSYS:

Gold with Brown Leather Band:


Silver with Black Leather Band:



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Sony Xperia Z3- Unboxing photos

Finally it comes. Have a quick look on key Features and enjoy the unboxing album here.

-Premium design and the highest waterproof rating
(Waterproof and dust tight (IP65 and IP68)*)

-a premium phone with Cyber-shot and Handycam technologies
(20.7 Mpixels / 1/2.3" Exmor RS™, G Lens (27mm wide angle lens with bright F2.0), digital zoom 8X / Flash: LED / Video: 4K / Front: 2.2 Mpixels)

-The only smartphone with PS4™ Remote Play

-A fully-loaded smartphone with a 2-day battery life! (3100 mAh)







See details and price here!













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HTC Butterfly 2 - Unboxing album

HTC butterfly 2 comes with more or less the same look as the previous Butterfly model, but its spec is as good as the HTC's flagship HTC One M8. It supports the most LTE bands around the world. Let's look at its appearance now.









Check Specifications and other details here!

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Sony Xperia C3 the Selfie Smartphone!


Sony Xperia C3 the Selfie Smartphone!

Sony mobile released its newest flagship of Xperia C3 commonly classified as a selfie smartphone. Not only is Sony making such smartphones in the market, but Nokia is also planned to release Nokia Lumia 730 and Nokia Lumia 735 both selfie phones. But what's so special about a selfie phone? I can guess smartphone user habits have evolved and smartphone manufacturers are always finding new functions and features to meet customer demands.

Sony Xperia C3 according to a third party Analysis company Strategy Analytics is the worlds best selfie phone. The research available on the sony website shows that Sony Xperia C3 had better rankings based on image assessment which were things like picture quality, regular light photoage, close proximity , individual shots to group shots outdoors both day and night. The assessment was taken within 2 days in Shenzhen , China.

The sample range of smartphones compared with the Xperia C3 were Apple iPhone 5S, HTC, HTC one M8, LG G2, Nokia Lumia 1020 & the Samsung Galaxy S5.



selfie results from SOny.png


Results by surveyors showed Xperia C3 rate 3.5 out of 5 the highest in the sample range for Average image quality rating and the highest proportion of votes 50% for the best image quality through a selfie.

More details can be find in the report here  http://www.sonymobile.com/global-en/legal/testresults/xperia-c3/#overall-findings

Enough of the selfie, now lets take a look at the features of the Xperia C3 device available at Expansys. Xperia C3 comes loaded with the latest Android OS Kitkat 4.4,


The device bezel frame spots a glossy look thats not meant to be metallic  The phone screen size is about 5.5 inches IPS Display slightly bigger than the flagships Xperia Z2 (5.2 inches) and Xperia T3 (5.3 inches)

The Xperia C3 has a 5MP front selfie camera, with an LED flash , earpiece at the top and mic set on the bottom.





Power button can be found on the middle slot on the right hand side of the phone with the volume locker below it, and a dedicated camera button on the bottom right something you rarely see in smartphones this days. On the left side has the micro sd card and USB port. If you are not sure about why a USB port, but the great function is allowing it to stick your pen drive into it that has videos that you can playback via the pen drive. It works exactly the same was as it would on a PC where you have an external device connected. Most fanatic users would play games from their external hard drives. I cannot imagine not doing so, if you are using a 5.5 inch HD display Sony device.

The SIM Tray of Xperia C3 is located on the top right hand side of the phone and it comes with a Micro type SIM.




Internal processor of the phone is a 1.2 GHz Quad Core QualComm snapdragon. Sony has really worked on optimizing the processor to make the Xperia UI smooth and rarely lags unless memory is

full. Internal memory capacity is around 32GB, with 1GB RAM that  can easily be extended to 32GB using a micro SD chip.


Battery of the Xperia C3 is built in to its solid case form that is well protected . A battery capacity of 2500 mAH allows you to use talktime for up to 24hrs , standby up to 1071 hours, music streaming to about 93 hours and video play to 10 hours, which is pretty good for a Sony device.



With all its amazing features, the smartphone only weighs 150 grams very light for a phone of its size and dimension of around 156mm (height)  x 78.5mm ( width)  x 7.6 mm (thickness). Still at 7.6mm its very thin for a phablet.

Camera features

The Xperia C3 inherits the same functions as the previous Sony flagships smartphones of using 1280x 780 pixels TRILUMINOS display for mobile. The Camera lens however has 8 Mega pixels on the rear and the most key enhance function is the front camera that is 5MP wide angle lens. The ultra wide angle lens is about 25mm and can take a 80 degrees shot, so within an arms length you can still take a picture shot of group.


The Sony Xperia C3 comes with 2 models the  D2502 which is a Dual SIM ( Micro SIM) that is 3G network frequency or the D2533 which is a single SIM (Micro SIM) with 4G LTE capabilities



Both models come in 3 colors, mint, white and black.


  • A Slick phone good for taking selfies , has a wide angle front camera lens (25mm, 80 degrees) including the custom selfie app!

  • Quick 400 Snapdragon processor makes the Xperia UI run smoothly

  • A dedicated camera button

  • Xperia camera apps that enhance videos and photos

  • Available in 3G Dual SIM or LTE models.

  • Has a nice USB port for video viewing through extended memory


  • There are several more similar spec smartphones at a cheaper price available in the market like the

  • Not dust proof or water splash proof  like the other xperia smartphones


Irresistible phone worth having if you want to capture the moments through selfies. The xperia C3 has all the best camera and video functions to enjoy that moment too!  


Visit the product page for more details


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Sony Xperia C3 - Unboxing photos

There are 2 models for Sony Xperia C3

- LTE version

- Dual sim 3G version













Please see price and specifications here


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ASUS ZenFone 6 - A601CG Dual SIM - Unboxing Album

ASUS ZenFone 6's whopping 6-inch HD IPS+ display provides wider viewing angles. Featuring the damage and scratch resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 screen with GloveTouch lets you easily use your device while wearing gloves.

ZenFone 6 is equipped with 2x2 Intel Atom multi-core processor powered by Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, you can easily handle multi-tasks and deliver an immersive gaming experience, with a longer battery life.

ZenFone 6 also supports Dual SIM that is ideal for travellers, it lets you handle your personal life and work with ease.

We have some photos for you here.


Check Features here











Check out the product details here

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HTC One E8- Unboxing photos

HTC One E8 is a mirror of M8,however, it comes with different material. Its shell is made of polycarbonate. What people like about this model is because of its Ergonomic dual-curved design, it makes the phone comfortable to hold. E8 is slightly thicker than M8 but lighter. E8 has the Motion Launch™ gesture controls for intuitive use and easy shortcuts. It has a built-in seflie tools with a 5MP front facing wide-angle camera.


















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Blackberry Z3 Review


Blackberry Z3

Blackberry Z3 released on June 25th is the latest flagship model in strategic partnership with Foxconn to come out with a slightly different design and specifications including the new version of Blackberry 10 - OS 10.2.1. Blackberry Z3 announcement was well received through popularity from countries like India and Indonesia.


Blackberry Z3 has a 5 inch screen size and resolution of 960 x 540 pixels . Although the Internal memory is around 8GB it can be further extended to about 32GB including a 1.5 GB RAM.


The phone weighs only about 164 grams quite a decent weight  and has a dimension of about 140 mm in height x 72.8 mm width and 9.26 mm thickness.


The body frame of Blackberry Z3 is quite strong with a solid design all around and no removable cover. That means the battery is built and this leaves for the SIM and SD Slot on the right hand side of the device.



Spotting the newer version of Blackberry 10 - OS 10.2.1 is very simple and easier to navigate.

The device monitor option gives you graphic representation of your phone usage from battery, CPU to memory and overall storage.


One of the cool things about the Blackberry UI is the simplicity in the design of icons including the basic apps. With the dialer always on the bottom left , search function in the middle and camera on the right users don't need to fiddle or wander around looking for it compared to Android OS.

Also the great thing about Blackberry is the abundance of apps available on the app store. Even though technically you can install android apps on blackberry phones we did not risk to try it out however there are many tutorials and reviews on this already.


Probably from its previous versions of Blackberry Z3 is the BB Messaging capacity that comes with the inclusion of sticker icons for in the chat message. Including in the Z3 Blackberry Z3 is the BB10 keyboard making it really fast (including autocorrects) depending on the language of input. Works really well for romanized language inputs as compared to characterized language input.





Blackberry Z3 has a simple layout menu for its system settings and the language input is available in most Asian languages.

What's included in the package? BlackBerry Z3 of course, BlackBerry Stereo Headset , USB Cable charger and user documentation.




  • Blackberry 10 (OS) - unique simple design UI for better and quick navigation experience

  • BB chat messaging making it both fun and fast to send out romanized language inputs

  • Solid frame design and built in battery gives it a much stronger body protection

  • Good battery life 2500mAH for a Blackberry OS phone

  • Abundance of great useful apps on Blackberry store


  • Average mediocre 5 mega pixel camera.

  • Z3 model is available only in 3G network frequency and not 4G LTE so you wont be able to enjoy a faster data access

  • Only available in Black at the moment with EXPANSYS


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Nokia Lumia 930 Review

Nokia Lumia 930 -

The Nokia Lumia 930 released this summer in Asia spots a similar style as the Nokia 925 series with metallic band across the body frame giving it a cool and refreshing look from the previous plastic mold versions of Lumia series.





With a screen size of around 5 inches the phablet size smartphone has a strong 2.2GHZ Quad core processor which is suitable given that its one of the first flagships out of Microsoft to have the Windows Phone 8.1 OS.  The phone resolution is about 1920 x 1080 pixels / 441 ppi which is good for a Windows OS UI.

Internal memory has a 32GB ROM and 2GB RAM indicating that it truly is a high spec smartphone from Nokia.  Within the wrapped boxed of the phone, you will find a USB cable CA-190CD, Nokia Charger AC-60X and a Quick start guide.






We wanted to see how the Lumia 930 sized up against the other Nokia 525 and iphone 5S and as you can see the screen size is much bigger but the great thing about the phone is the smooth metallic edges makes holding the phone much more comfortable.

Standing the Lumia 930 up on the desk, the dimensions are around 137 mm in height x 71 x mm in the width and a thickness of around 9.8 mm. Note having a flat shape makes the phone more comfortable to hold compared to the older lumia series that had a curvature shape on the rear.  And also the Lumia 930 weighs only 167 grams it feels lighter in the hands.






Best function of the phone

Lumia 930 has a 20MP 6 focus lens camera which is really what makes it stand out from other phones including the high resolution zoom x2 specs. The front camera, good for taking a selfie is about 1.2 Megapixels.

Windows 8 phone 8.1 interface has both smaller tile and bigger tile icons that can be further extended than the Windows phone 8.0 . They are quite similar to icons you would keep on your windows desktop. Lumia 930 input language is available in several Asian languages as well.









Nokia Lumia 930 is without a doubt a high end  windows smartphone nice to have if you want something different from the HTC One8 or Samsung Galaxy S5 that have similar physical specifications and within the same price range.


  • Installed with the latest Windows phone 8.1 better UI experience

  • Faster process of 2.2 GHZ / Quad Core / Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 800

  • Great 20MP camera with 2x zoom ability and 6 lens optic for better focus and picture quality

  • Good Resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels / 441 ppi for a better Windows UI view

  • Metallic body frame design making it very comfortable to hold

  • Available various colors ( Black, White , Orange and fluorescent green)


  • Average battery capacity 2420 mAH for a Windows OS device


 Available in many colors, check it here